Stir It Up – Diversifying Your Usual Friday Night Restaurant In Toronto.

The best part about being from Toronto is the exposure to various cultures. Toronto is known for being one of the most multicultural cities in the world and it’s only natural to embrace all the different foods that come along with each one. I love experiencing new foods, especially indulgent ones. I have tried numerous restaurants across the city and I have discovered some of the best places for Mexican, Indian, and Polynesian as well as Hawaiian dishes. This week, stir up your usual go-to restaurants and treat yourself to some cultural food to awaken your taste buds.

Inside Miss Thing's In Toronto | Just Treat YourselfInside Miss Thing's In Toronto | Just Treat YourselfInside Miss Thing's In Toronto | Just Treat Yourself

These Photos were taken from Miss Thing’s Instagram account and The Toronto Life Website.

Miss Thing’s – I discovered Miss Thing’s after being invited to a surprise birthday dinner for one of my best friends. It felt like I had walked into a retro hotel lobby in Hawaii with their floral wall murals.  The restaurant serves contemporary interpretations of Pan Asian and Hawaiian food. I was really excited to try Miss Thing’s because I never indulged in Hawaiian dishes before, and it was something new that looked delicious.

"Our Tai" Miss Thing's version of a Mai Thai In Toronto | Just Treat Yourself

“Our Tai” pictured from Miss Thing’s Instagram Account.

The restaurant has a tropical cocktail bar and offers a wide variety of specialty drinks. I ordered their “Our Tai”, Miss Thing’s take on a Mai Thai, which was served in an elaborate gold pineapple that can be shared with another person. I ordered their Pineapple Fried Rice ($18) and their Poke Bowl ($18) which consisted of miso cured rainbow trout, marinated salmon egg, chili radish, shiitake mushrooms, pickled ginger, sesame, and coconut rice. Everything tasted delicious and I would definitely treat myself to their cocktails and Polynesian dishes again.

Poke Bowl At Miss Thing's In Toronto | Just Treat Yourself

Pukka – Pukka is an upscale Indian restaurant located in uptown Toronto. The Toronto restaurant offers a modern twist on Indian cuisine with a large selection of dishes, cocktails & drinks, and dessert. The restaurant itself is narrow inside but it has been organized to accommodate groups of 3-5 people.  For those who like to participate in Winterlicious and Summerlicious, Pukka is a restaurant that offers a tailored menu to customers. You might want to consider trying Pukka during either of these events because the portion is small for the amount money you have to pay.

I ordered their Chicken 65 ($13.90) that was made with south Indian fried chicken and chili, tamarind curry leaves, and caramelized onions. I also ordered their Butter chicken ($19.70) that consisted of Mennonite-farmed chicken, fenugreek, and tomato infused butter sauce. Finally, we indulged in Pukka’s Lamb Lollipops ($26.70) that was made with turmeric, mint, and fenugreek curry. I really enjoyed everything that I ordered, so much that I didn’t have any room left for dessert. I have visited my fair share of Indian Restaurants but Pukka is definitely at the top of my list. If you are in the mood to spice up your life, treat yourself to Pukka.

Planeta Mexico | Just Treat Yourself

Outside Planeta Mexico. This picture was taken from their Instagram account. 

Planeta Mexico – I was introduced to Planeta Mexico after one of my best friends from Markham took me to Main Street. Main Street is a string of restaurants and bars that are displayed beautifully for people to walk around and hangout, especially during the summer.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 2.07.55 PM

Planeta Mexico’s patio. This picture was taken from their Instagram account.

Planeta Mexico is a Mexican restaurant that makes authentic Mexican cuisine with original recipes and fresh ingredients. Planeta Mexico is a very small restaurant that is made up of one large room. However, the restaurant does offer limited outdoor seating during the summer months to accommodate more people. The Markham restaurant looks like a little home from the outside and the inside provides customers with the same feeling. It feels like you landed in a Mexican family’s home for dinner, especially since the staff is so nice.

Enchiladas From Planeta Mexico | Just Treat Yourself

Enchiladas From Planeta Mexico. This picture was taken from their Instagram account.

During my visit, I  started off by ordering their Sangria ($6.50), followed by their Enchiladas ($12.50) that consisted of three rolled tortillas stuffed chicken, veggies and served with sour cream, feta, and Aztec sauce. Afterward, my friend and I ordered their Chimichanga ($13.50) which is a deep fried Flour tortilla stuffed beef, served with sour cream, feta, and Aztec sauce. Finally, we ordered the Taco a la Parrilla ($12.50) that involved three soft tacos stuffed with steak. Yes, this was a lot of food but we must have been really hungry this day because we finished all of it and still made room for dessert. As for dessert, we ordered their Churros which was probably the best churros I have ever had. The Churros were freshly baked and tasted amazing. If you are craving Mexican food make sure to pay Planeta Mexico a visit in Markham.

Churros From Planeta Mexico | Just Treat Yourself

Churros From Planeta Mexico. This picture was taken from Planeta Mexico’s Instagram account.

**I did not use my own many of my own photos for this post because this was during a time where I didn’t see the need to photograph my food!

Mexicoma – Cabo San Lucas

Hotel View In Los Cabos | Just Treat Yourself

I recently travelled to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico this past May and treated myself to a vacation of a lifetime. I love Mexican food and I can literally eat burritos and tacos every day if I had to. My Cabo trip was not just about eating amazing food. I was also focused on taking some time for myself to relax and unwind from my daily busy schedule.

Upon my arrival, I realized that Cabo is very similar to Arizona in terms of its appearance. The atmosphere looked liked a desert and most plants were dry from the scorching heat and limited rainfalls. I was expecting to see beautiful green trees and luscious green areas but instead, the landscape was mountainous and very rocky. Cabo is located on  the Baja California Sur. Its location is great for surfers but not for beach lovers. I found their beaches to be very rocky and the water was rough, which meant I was unable to swim in the ocean. On a positive note, the hotel we stayed at offered very luxurious cabana beds for visitors to relax on and enjoy the ocean waves crashing.

Beach Cabana | Just Treat Yourself

During my visit, I decided to take two tours: the first tour was to see the capital of Baja California Sur, La Paz and the second tour was to sightsee Los Cabos .

La Paz | Just Treat Yourself

The La Paz tour is about 3.5 hours away from Cabo San Lucas. The tour included sightseeing La Paz, Todos Santos, and lunch. The La Paz tour was a very big disappointment because I felt we were taken advantage by the driver. My friends and I were his only group, and we explicitly told him that we wanted to go La Paz to spend the day at the beaches. When we arrived there, the driver took us to a local beach that was very dirty. It was not the beach I was hoping to spend my at relaxing on, nor was it the beach that was advertised.

When we arrived back at our resort, a driver for the resort from La Paz confirmed that where he took was not the best area of La Paz. I felt cheated because we had spent most of our day travelling to visit what we thought were beautiful beaches but were not. I think because my friends and I were too passive, and our tour guide felt he could just take us anywhere. But the worst part of the tour was the lunch that was included. I knew the food was going to be awful when we arrived at a local restaurant, that was away from the main city and deserted. My friends and I were literally their only customers.

Cabo San Lucas Marina | Just Treat Yourself

The second tour included sightseeing Cabo San Lucus and it was a better experience. Our guide showed us what the city really had to offer. The tour included an expert guide Ride on a glass-bottom boat to see the rock Arch, Lover’s Beach, Pelican Rock and sea lions at Land’s End, sample tequila, watch a glass-blowing demonstration, enjoy free time to shop and explore the market. Since the tour was only 6 hours, we opted to stay in the city and walk around for a bit. I felt really safe and locals did not bother us.

Lover's Beach In Cabo San Lucas | Just Treat Yourself

The best highlights of the tour were the Arch and Lover’s Beach because they were so beautiful. I really liked that they named the other side of Lover’s Beach, Divorce Beach. If you are wondering, there weren’t many people on that side. The boat ride was very cool as well because it was the first time I could see schools of fish swimming so close to the surface. Also, the glass bottom provided a great view of the fish swimming.

Arch of Cabo San Lucas | Just Treat Yourself

The best part of my trip was obviously the food. I can’t count the amounts of fish tacos we had by our pool, and I fell in love with their guacamole since it tasted so fresh. We decided to eat at the Mexican restaurant at our resort and our waiter made fresh guac in front of us to eat with freshly baked chips. It was the best guacamole I have eaten in my life. I realized that you don’t know how amazing food tastes until it is freshly made for you.

Fresh Guacamole & Shrimp At Our Hotel | Just Treat Yourself

If you plan on visiting Los Cabos soon make sure you just treat yourself to these recommended restaurants.

La Roca
Cabo Wabo
Sunset Point
El Farallon
Flora’s Field Kitchen
Hacienda Cocina y Cantina

Ocean View In Los Cabos | Just Treat Yourself

My Ideal Fantasy…Being Serenaded While Stuffing My Face With Pasta!

Who doesn’t love someone who can actually sing? I mean, can life get any better than being serenaded while stuffing my face with Ravioli? I don’t think so! If I could relive this moment over and over again then I would. When I turned 24 a few years ago, I decided to go to ROM’s Friday Night Live because it was something different to do besides going to a club. However, that party ended early, so my friends and I decided to go to Joe Mamas Restaurant and indulge in some delicious food and live music.

My visit to Joe Mamas was amazing except for the ending of the night, which was not the fault of the bar but the people sitting next to us (I’ll explain more later). The bar itself was small and intimate but there was limited seating. Joe Mamas does offer a larger bar area, where many visitors choose to mingle. My friends and I were lucky to be seated in the middle so we had a perfect view of the singer performing live.

Ravioli At Joe Mamas In Toronto | Just Treat Yourself

We placed our order with our waitress for our drinks and food. I ordered their Ravioli (pictured above, $23) and a Sex On The Beach to drink ($8). The ravioli offered at Joe Mamas is my go-to dish because I am never left disappointed. My friends always tell me that I always choose the right dish. I can’t disagree because a lot of the time I do end up enjoying what I ordered. I thought their portion size was fair but their prices are definitely higher than other bars. I would also like to mention that if you arrive after 11:00 PM you may need to pay an additional cover to get in.

Dessert At Joe Mamas In Toronto | Just Treat Yourself

Additional & Indulgent Dessert For My Birthday At Joe Mamas.

After my friends and I placed our orders, it was then I noticed one of my best friends talking to the singer near the back of the bar. I literally thought she knew him, but little did I know she was asking him to sing happy birthday to me. My friends were trying to distract me so I wouldn’t notice but I happened to glanced to my right and saw my friend anyways.

After we devoured our delicious food, I heard the singer wish me a happy birthday. I thought he would sing Happy Birthday, but I got an even better treat! Instead, he serenaded me with Ginuwine’s song Pony. The song is a classic and I embarrassingly new all the words to sing along with him. His voice was heavenly, and I have come to terms with the fact that this is the only time I will probably be serenaded by someone who can actually sing. Watch my embarrassing video below (sorry for the poor quality, it was dim inside the restaurant).

If you ever get the chance to be serenaded make sure you take the opportunity because you will not regret it! After this amazing performance, my friends and I went to the very small dance floor and danced to some great music provided by Joe Mama’s DJ. The night was literally perfect until we returned to our table, only to discover the person was sitting at the table in front of us, threw up all over one of our chairs and the end of our table. The worst part was that they did not tell Joe Mamas’ staff, but left the mess for my friends and me to discover. After this horrific site, we decided to leave and call it a night. Overall, l loved my experience at Joe Mamas and I would definitely recommend treating yourself to some delicious food while being entertained by their amazing live performers.

There are a number of places in Toronto that offer live music and indulgent food. Listed below are some bars/restaurants I have tried and ones I would like to experience. Please comment and let me know where you like to listen to live music in Toronto, that offers delicious food too!

Bier Market
Blu Ristorante
The Cameron House
N’awlins Jazz Bar & Dinning

Get Bar Hopping – Bars In Toronto That Actually Have Good Food

If you asked me 5 years ago why I was going to a bar with my friends, my answer would’ve been a lot different than it is today. Today, I mainly go out to eat. I know, what a shocker! But really, there are some great bars in Toronto and they offer really delicious food. If you are interested in going out but not clubbing, visit some of my recommendations below and just treat yourself to some indulgent food.

416 Snack Bar – I have been to 416 Snack Bar multiple times and I will continue to go there because it offers small but filling dishes for affordable prices. Not to mention they are open 7 days a week and until 2AM. The bar is really small inside, which makes the atmosphere feel intimate. But it is definitely not quite inside, from the loud hip-hop music playing in the background to the chatter amongst everyone else. 416 Snack Bar offers a low-key cool vibe that is perfect for visiting for a night out in the city.

Korean Fried Chicken At 416 Snack Bar | Just Treat YourselfEggplant Sangwich Doubledown At 416 Snack Bar | Just Treat Yourself

Infladita Mexicana At 416 Snack Bar | Just Treat Yourself

The bar was designed with bar and high-top table seating. I was lucky enough to sit in front of 416 Snack Bar’s public Chef area, where an individual chef prepares small dishes in front of you. I ordered their Korean Fried Chicken ($6), Eggplant Sangwich Doubledown ($5), Infladita Mexicana ($6), and their Lamb Shawarma ($6). I enjoyed all their small plates except for their Lamb Shawarma because I felt the lamb was undercooked and it added a bad taste to the combination of veggies stuffed inside. Treat yourself to 416 Snack Bar because it’s a hot spot in the city.

La Carnita – La Carnita has multiple locations but I have been to their College and John Street sites. The Toronto restaurant/bar offers Mexican street cuisine that is a must try! During my visit, I ordered their Mexican Street Corn ($8.50), Mexican Chorizo Meatballs ($9), and their tacos Pollo Frito ($4.95), Crispy Cotija ($4.95), and In Cod We Trust ($4.95). The food was delicious that we had to stuff in some dessert, so we tried their three-piece Churros ($6).

La Carnita | Just Treat YourselfMexican Street Corn At La Carnita | Just Treat Yourself

The Mexican Street Corn was dressed with crema, queso Anejo, Arbol, and chili powder. La Carnita’s Mexican Meatballs were made with ancho and guajillo chili, queso fresco, crema, and cilantro. As for their tacos, the Pollo Frito was made with crispy chicken thighs, peanut mole, honey, Rossy’s hot sauce, green cabbage, and Salsa Fresca. In Cod We Trust included cod, Voltron sauce, lime crema, pickled red cabbage, green apple, and cilantro. Finally, the Crispy Cotija was made with crispy cotija cheese, cauliflower and pinto bean, pickled carrots, chipotle sauce, green onion, and cilantro. The ingredients for each dish were very different and it provided a unique taste to everything we ate. I love this bar so if you get a chance, treat yourself to any of their four locations in Toronto.

Chantecler – I discovered Chantecler while I was waiting to get into Toronto’s Shameful Tiki Room. It was actually recommended by a random guy, who noticed my friend and I was looking for a bar on Queen Street West. I love discovering new hot spots unintentionally and this bar was definitely one! The bar itself is pretty small inside and there was limited seating because of the crowd, so we sat at their bar. I ordered two orders of their Spicy Popcorn Shrimp ($11) which was made with popcorn and Morita pepper. I expected to get battered shrimp tossed in some chili powder but instead I ended up getting a real treat. This was the first time I ever ate shrimp wrapped in actual popcorn. It tasted amazing which is why I had to place another order. If you are in the Queen and Dufferin area make sure you pay them a visit. I promise you won’t be left disappointed and their food is amazing!

Spicy Popcorn Shrimp At Chantecler | Just Treat Yourself

Eataly – Venturing Through Italy With A Fork In My Hand

Sorrento Italy | Just Treat Yourself

Sorrento Italy

Last summer, I brought my dreams to life by going on a well-planned adventure to Italy with my friends. My one goal was to eat everything. I had friends that visited the country before and their number one complaint was that they were sick of eating Italian food. I was not concerned about eating too much Italian food because I absolutely adore their cuisine. My second goal on the trip was the see as many cities as I could during my stay. I didn’t realize how big Italy was until I started to plan my trip. I discovered that I couldn’t see every city during my 10-day visit but I did manage to see more than I expected.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enjoy this slideshow of Italy. I included my favourite photos from my trip.

I chose to visit Naples, Sorrento, Pompeii, Amalfi Coast, Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre, Pisa, and Venice. A lot of people thought we were ambitious in trying to visit that many cities in 10 days. However, I found it easy because we planned and booked all of our tours ahead of time, instead of wasting time deciding what we wanted to do when we got there. I recommend doing the same if you plan on visiting a big country and you want to see as much as you can. Plus, even though our days were pretty full, we still managed to have some down time in between visiting each historic site. Trust me, it was hot and I needed some time to rest my feet after all the walking we were doing around each city.

Let’s talk food! Italy was the trip I indulged in the most because I literally wanted to eat everything, and almost everywhere had amazing food. I really feel you can eat anywhere in Rome and you will be happy. The main reason was there were so many options and everything was authentic.  I didn’t have a bad experience with food in any of the cities I visited except in Florence. We stayed closer to the train station and my advice is to stay closer to the main tourist area near Ponte Vecchio. In my opinion, the area has better restaurants and their customer service is 100% better too. My favourite meal was in Florence and we actually sat and eat for 3 hours enjoying a four-course meal.

Honestly speaking, I can’t remember any of the restaurants’ names that I eat at while I was there. I just remember devouring my food every time we did eat, which seemed to be all the time! If you plan on visiting Italy anytime soon, prepare yourself because you will want to eat everything.  And why shouldn’t you? You’re on vacation, right? Just treat yourself to a cappuccino every morning, indulge in some pizza at lunch, and devour some pasta during dinner.

Delicious Vegetarian Lasagna In Rome | Just Treat Yourself

Delicious Vegetarian Lasagna In Rome.

 Gelato In Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy | Just Treat Yourself Pizza In Pisa | Just Treat Yourself Gelato

Gelato In Vernazza, Cinque Terre and Pizza In Pisa.

Let’s Indulge In Delicious Food With Toronto’s Waterfront Views

Toronto's Skyline Taken From Centre Island | Just Treat Yourself

Indulging with a view is always a great idea especially when part of your view includes Toronto’s skyline. Toronto has an unlimited amount of restaurants that are worth visiting but which restaurants offer a stunning view and delicious food? I will explore a few options that locals or visitors may want to consider visiting,  while in Toronto.

Delicious Lamb at Canoe Restaurant in Toronto | Just Treat Yourself

Canoe Restaurant – I was lucky to get a reservation at Canoe during Winterlicious 2016 with my best friend. I called over 30 times before I heard a ring on the other end, and their receptionist finally answered. I was thrilled to get a spot on a sunny Saturday for their lunch menu. Upon my arrival, we were greeted by their hostess who checked our coats and took us to our seats. I was pleasantly surprised to be seated next to the window, which offered a beautiful view of Toronto’s skyline and Lake Ontario.

The View of Toronto From Canoe Restaurant In Toronto | Just Treat Yourself   The View of Toronto From Canoe Restaurant In Toronto | Just Treat Yourself

Our visit was during Winterlicious. Winterlicious is a food event in which selected restaurants participate in a fixed price menu offering customers three-course meals during lunch or dinner.  Canoe’s lunch menu was $28 per person and we ordered cappuccinos on the side (not included in price). Our Starter was the Yellow Split Pea Soup made of smoked Stratford turkey, Hewitt’s dairy ricotta, and herbed falafel. Our main course was the Braised Alberta Lamb Shoulder (pictured above) that consisted of curried acorn squash, Manitoba beluga lentils,

Our Starter was the Yellow Split Pea Soup made of smoked Stratford turkey, Hewitt’s dairy ricotta, and herbed falafel. Our main course was the Braised Alberta Lamb Shoulder (pictured above) that consisted of curried acorn squash, Manitoba beluga lentils, caper, and  tarragon vinaigrette. I was entirely satisfied with my main course. Each flavour really complimented the other and it was beautifully displayed. Finally for our dessert, we ordered their vegan Kernel’s PB+J that was made with a mix of peanut butter mousse, 70% chocolate chantilly, and raspberry preserves. Also, we tried the vegan Caramel Pumpkin Cake that was made with 100 km granola, dates, and prairie rye chantilly.

Vegan Kernel’s PB+J & Caramel Pumpkin Cake from Canoe Restaurant In Toronto |Just Treat Yourself Vegan Kernel’s PB+J & Caramel Pumpkin Cake from Canoe Restaurant In Toronto |Just Treat Yourself

If you are considering visiting Canoe on a regular day, be prepared to spend a pretty dollar. Otherwise, it is definitely worth trying to get a reservation during their Winterlicious or Summerlicious events.

Toronto's Skyline From Cabana Pool Bar | Just Treat Yourself

Cabana Pool Bar – Cabana Pool Bar is a great place to treat yourself to especially if you like to party in Toronto. Located at Polson Pier, Cabana Pool Bar transforms Toronto’s waterfront into a day-to-night party. During my visit, I noticed that most visitors do not go there to eat, as much as they go to drink. However, I couldn’t say I visited without trying their food, so I ordered their Cabana Three Cheese Nachos ($17) and it was filling. The bar offers various options that are great for sharing. I would definitely recommend paying them a visit if you are looking for a unique spot to get your tan on or to take a dip in their pool.

Cabana Pool Bar In Toronto | Just Treat Yourself

CN Tower – I was treated to lunch at the CN Tower for my birthday two years ago and it will be an experience I will never forget. Visiting the CN Tower is not cheap especially if you plan on eating, which is why many individuals choose to go to their restaurant for special occasions. Upon my arrival, I took an elevator up to their 360 revolving restaurant. During lunch, the restaurant was quiet and there weren’t too many people. I actually prefer seeing cities during daytime hours because I can see each building and it’s location. However, I believe there are many others that prefer to see the city lit up at night.

Waterfront & City View of Toronto From The CN Tower | Just Treat Yourself

CN Tower offered a fix price menu as well for visitors to choose from their selection of appetizers, main courses, and dessert ($69). I ordered their Heats of Romain Salad, Ziti with BC Wild Mushrooms, and their Cranberry Joconde. My friend ordered their Pan Seared Atlantic Salmon that she really enjoyed. I did enjoy my meal but I did feel their menu could be better. I thought their food tasted very bland, especially for the price you have to pay to eat there. However, I do think this Toronto restaurant can be very romantic during the evening, but I feel if I were to ever visit the CN Tower 360 Restaurant again, I would mainly go there for their drinks and to see the beautiful view of the city.

CN Tower Lunch In Toronto | Just Treat Yourself CN Tower Lunch In Toronto | Just Treat Yourself CN Tower Lunch In Toronto | Just Treat Yourself

Port Restaurant – Port is located outside the GTA in the city of Pickering and offers a waterfront view. The Pickering restaurant is located near Frenchman’s Bay and offers a beautiful view of the harbour. They offer outdoor patio seating as well as a bar area with booth seating, and a formal dining room. Port provides various choices for their customers to eat from fish and short ribs to burgers and fries.

Cappuccinos At Port Restaurant In Pickering | Just Treat Yourself

I chose to indulge there for my favourite meal which is brunch. My friend decided to have a little get-together and we thought it would be nice to try somewhere besides downtown Toronto. Of course, I ordered a cappuccino ($3.50) and I decided on their Classic Breakfast ($14) which included two eggs, bacon, farmer’s sausage, crispy house potatoes, toasted oat bread, and seasonal preserves. I really enjoyed everything I ate and it tasted fresh. Reflecting on their menu, I wish I tried their Huevos Rancheros. I guess that means I will have to just treat myself to brunch again! If you are looking for a restaurant on the east end of the city, try visiting Port Restaurant. You won’t be disappointed!

Toronto Views: The Best Rooftops And Patios This Summer ’16

It’s finally summer in Toronto! If you are not already enjoying our amazing hot weather, I am going to give you a good reason to go out and indulge, by visiting some of Toronto’s best rooftops and patios. I love enjoying rooftop season during the day or night because you get a completely different crowd and view of the city. I have travelled to numerous Toronto restaurants that deliver a positive vibe and indulgent food. It’s still the beginning of July, so I recommend just treating yourself to a couple this summer ’16.

Kasa Moto's Rooftop During Lunch Hours | Just Treat Yourself

Kasa Moto – Kasa Moto is one of my favourite rooftops located in Yorkville, Toronto. The rooftop is very spacious and offers visitors the option of a booth, bar, or table seating. The variety of seating provides several areas on the rooftop for individuals who are looking to sit closely or those who need space. It has large white umbrellas that shade customers but also allows the sunlight to peak through. The downtown Toronto rooftop is great for a quite lunch during the day or cocktails with your girlfriends at night.

Kasa Moto's Lunch Shrimp Burrito Roll | Just Treat Yourself

Kasa Moto's Maki Kasa Moto Roll | Just Treat Yourself

Kasa Moto's Strawberry Shortcake | Just Treat Yourself

Recently, I decided to indulge at their Toronto restaurant for lunch and I really treated myself. I ordered their Shrimp Burrito Roll ($14), Kasa Moto Maki Roll ($22), and their limited-time Strawberry Shortcake ($14). I really enjoyed everything I ate and if you are wondering, I did eat everything on my own! The Shrimp Burrito Roll is served cold with veggies and shrimp. The Kasa Moto Roll was made of spicy scallops, lobster, and salmon. At first, I thought I had ordered too much food, but the Burrito Roll was actually really light. If you do plan on trying the roll, I would recommend ordering it with another dish because you will most likely still be hungry afterwards. If you are going to be in the Yorkville area this weekend in Toronto, treat yourself to a sweet rooftop with amazing Japanese food.

Joey Restaurants – Another rooftop worth visiting is located in uptown Toronto in the Shops at Don Mills outdoor shopping and dining Complex. Joey’s rooftop is a medium sized rooftop with a cozy garden atmosphere. The Toronto restaurant has various locations around Toronto and Markham that cater to visitors that may not be able to make it to their downtown Toronto location. I enjoy their location at Shops at Don Mills because it is an active hotspot during most summer nights, and a great place to walk around. Joey’s rooftop has a booth, bar, and high-top table seating for customers. If the sun is too hot, you may want to consider sitting in their back booths or their high-top tables in the middle of their restaurant. My friend and I started by the window, but the sun was blazing hot so we had to move to prevent ourselves from melting in the scorching summer heat.

Joey Restaurant's Rooftop Patio at Shops at Don Mills | Just Treat Yourself The Delicious Pesto Shrimp Flatbread and Ahi Tuna Tacos | Just Treat Yourself

During my visit, I ordered their Real Peach Bellini ($5.50) which was their daily special. I also ordered their Pesto Shrimp Flatbread ($15) and their Ahi Tuna Tacos ($13.50). For dessert, my friend and I shared their Molten Chocolate Cake ($9) and their Individually Baked Apple Pie ($9). If you have never eaten here before, then I would highly recommend their Shrimp Pesto Flatbread because it is delicious and shareable. I have eaten at this Toronto restaurant numerous times, and everything I ordered is literally my go-to options because I really enjoy the flavours each dish provides. If you are interested in visiting Joey Restaurants, visit their website to find their closest location to you, and just treat yourself!

The Outdoor Patio At Cactus Club Café | Just Treat Yourself

Cactus Club Café – Cactus Club Café is a Toronto restaurant that welcomes visitors that are seeking a loud bar, quiet formal dining, or a luxurious rooftop with a live DJ. The Toronto restaurant is split into three floors with an outdoor patio on the main level, which caters to different crowds. I recently paid a visit to Cactus Club and I really recommend visiting their rooftop for their swanky atmosphere, but most of all their indulgent food.  Similar to the recommendations above, the Toronto restaurant offers a large bar seating area, booths, and high-top tables for visitors. The crowd mainly consists of young professionals unwinding after work or individuals enjoying a night out with friends. During the day, you may encounter small but casual business meetings, and I would say that crowd is calmer than in the evening.

Cactus Club Café Rooftop Booth Seating | Just Treat Yourself Cactus Club Café Bar Seating in Toronto | Just Treat Yourself

These Photos are from Cactus Club Café’s Instagram account in Toronto. 

Drinks at The Cactus Club Café in Toronto | Just Treat Yourself

 During my evening visit, I ordered their Jambalaya Rice Bowl ($18) and a Mojito. I asked for the Jambalaya to be extra spicy so our waitress brought me some chili flakes on the side. I was really happy with my order since it consisted of shrimp, chicken, ouille sausage, vegetables, bacon, spicy tomato sauce, black bean salsa, and crème fraîche. I don’t like bacon so I decided to pick it out and gave it my friend to enjoy instead. The portion I received was very generous, that I ended up taking half of my dish home to eat for lunch the next day. As for dessert, I ordered their Velvet Underground ($3) which is a velvety chocolate mousse, crunchy sponge toffee, with a warm caramel foam. I could have eaten 10 of these because it was so indulgent that it left my mouth watering for more. If you decide you do not want to eat food make sure you at least indulge in their dessert, because it was the best part of my meal. Just treat yourself because you deserve it!

Two other Toronto rooftops and patios I would encourage you to treat yourself to are the following:

Oasis Rooftop Patio In Toronto | Just Treat Yourself Oasis Rooftop Patio In Toronto | Just Treat Yourself Oasis Rooftop Patio In Toronto | Just Treat Yourself

Oasis Rooftop Patio at  Wayne Gretzky’s Bar in Downtown Toronto.

The One Eighty's View From Their Toronto Rooftop | Just Treat Yourself

The One Eighty in Toronto. This Photo is from The 51st Floor Instagram Account.